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Our Sections meet at our Scout Hall, located at 1 North Street, Great Marlow (Grafton - River end of North Street), at the following times:

Joeys (5 - 8 years) and Cubs (8 - 11 years): Mondays from 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Scouts (11 - 14 years) and Venturers (14 - 17 years): Wednesdays from 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Whilst attending Scouting meetings or events we ask that all youth members wear appropriate footwear (closed in shoes, e.g., joggers or boots) and bring along a water bottle (labelled with their name) for their personal use.

Each new member is welcome to attend our group meetings for a trial period of 6 weeks, to confirm that scouting is something they enjoy.

We ask all new parents to complete the ScoutHub Registration at this link, before attending nights. The following steps will help make sure you complete the correct section of the form for the trial. You will need to complete the form once per child.

  1. Select 'New Member'
  2. Completed the basic information for your child (Name, Date of Birth, etc)
  3. Select 'Temporary Membership'
  4. Select 'Trial Membership'
  5. Please select the dates you would like to attend for your trial period. This does not need to be 6 consecutive weeks, if for example you know you will be away for a week during the trial period or dates fall over the school holiday period. You can choose up to 6 individual dates (6 weekly meetings) to attend as part of your trial
  6. Complete form with important information for your child, e.g., parent contact information, allergies etc.

NOTE: Please disregard the discount code and active kids boxes at this time as these will not be applicable till after the completion of the trial period should you upgrade to full membership.

By completing the above form, it ensures that our leaders have access to important information concerning your children whilst at our meetings and events, should it be necessary; as well as ensuring your children are covered by the Scouts Australia Insurance Policy whilst on site. Insurance information

An Update for Active Kids Vouchers:

You should get an email or msg from Scouts Australia confirming the changes, but for those who get the active kids voucher still these are your options.

Option A:

Register and pay the full amount owing, with no voucher redemption for Trek 1. This will apply for those who are no longer eligible for the new vouchers, as well as families who may choose to redeem vouchers later in the year towards Trek 2.

Option B:

Redeem a voucher at Scouts NSW for Trek 1, following these steps:

  1. Check eligibility and apply for voucher via Service NSW App here:
  2. Submit voucher details to Scouts NSW Member Experience Team via our online form:
  3. You will be issued with a unique Scouts NSW discount code, sent via return email within two business days
  4. Visit your unique Group ScoutHub portal, complete online registration and enter the supplied discount code prior to payment.
  5. Those who needed a Group Discount Code, should have received one from the group Treasurer, if you think we missed you or you have extra siblings starting with our group this year and need one, send the group Treasurer : Kara Clarke a message and she will send it through to you.

The Total annual fee in 2024 is $480.00. This does not include the one-off join fee or discounts. The fee does not include any extras please see the next section (Uniform and Additional costs).


The payment of fees is due bi-annually, in advance:

  • Trek 1 is due in January (for period Jan - Jun).

    In 2024 Trek 1 Membership fees are $240.00

  • Trek 2 is due in July (for period Jul - Dec).

    In 2024 Trek 2 Membership fees are $240.00

The fees for Scouting are broken into two separate components (though invoiced together, when completing Scouthub registration after the completion of the free trial). The first component of the fees is a State Membership Fee, the second is a Group Fee.

State Membership fee $280.00 + ($60.00 one-off joining fee)

In 2023 the State Membership fee is $270 for the full calendar year. There is also a one-off joining fee of $60 for new members.

Your State Membership Fee covers your registration and insurance with Scouts Australia for more information on this fee, please see this pamphlet. Scouts Australia is an Active Kids provider, and you have the option to use your vouchers to reduce this fee.

Group fee $200.00 + ($35.00 one-off joining fee)

The Group Fee, at Grafton Scout Group, is $50.00 a term (invoiced alongside the State Fee, so $100.00 per Trek), with a one-off Joining fee of $35.00 to cover the scarf and badges to invest your youth member.

The Group Fee covers the costs associated with running and maintaining a Scout Hall, as well as supplies and equipment needed to run an excellent youth program.


At Grafton, we offer a 50% discount on the Group Fee for parents with multiple children registered with our group, (discount codes are provided to those parents to reduce the invoice generated by ScoutHub).

We also offer a 50% discount on Group Fee for the children of our leaders. Should you have any interest in becoming a leader yourself, please speak to our Group Leader-In-Charge, Reece Luxton, and he will assist you with this process. Our group covers the cost of registration and training for all our wonderful leaders.

Alongside the bi-annual fees there are a few additional costs associated with Scouting, covered below:

  • Uniform (Not needed till ready to invest):

    • Each youth member is required to have a section appropriate Scout Shirt, the polo shirts are $36.95 and available to be purchased online at The Scout Shop, We ask that youth members wear any pair of navy-blue pants or shorts to complete the uniform, and a wide brim hat of choice at day events.
    • Other uniform items are available to purchase through The Scout Shop, such as Jumpers, Hats and Belts, these are completely optional (though make great Christmas or birthday presents for the eager scouter).
  • Camps:

    • These can range from $10.00 for an overnight group camp to several hundred for State level camps. As a group we run multiple fundraising events each year, which we ask the parents and youth members to help at when possible, the point being that our group can then help off-set the cost of these bigger budget events for the parents, with re-imbursements (from some of the cost to the whole amount depending on cost, attendance and funds raised) after the completion of the event.
  • Day Activity or Special Night Activities:

    • These could be anything from $5.00 to $20.00 depending on the event the group is attending. This is often a fee associated with attending a location run by a third party, e.g. Boulding, Bowling, Billy Cart Derbies etc.

Scouts Australia recognizes it can be challenging for families to afford extracurricular activities for young people due to economic pressures. The Family Support Fund is available to assist current and prospective youth members to afford the cost of Scouting. Assistance is limited to those families, youth and young Leaders in genuine need of financial assistance. For more information on the family support fund, visit , or speak to your Group Leader-in-Charge, Reece Luxton, or our Group Treasurer, Kara Clarke, for assistance with this process.


In early 2023, we transitioned to a new billing cycle, with two Trek's each year (January-June and July-December). From 1st July, we will open registrations for Trek 2! Registering for Trek 2 will enable youth member to participate in all the exciting activities Scouts has to offer - from their weekly meetings at the Scout Hall, to weekend camps, Gang Shows and more.

Parents/guardians of youth memebers need to follow the steps below for their child/ren (or Rovers for themselves). All members must be registered for Trek 2 prior to attending their first activity

To Register:

  1. Visit your group ScoutHub portal
  2. Click 'register'
  3. Confirm member details
  4. Proceed to payment (including processing any valid vouchers)

That's it - you're done!





What is Scouts | Terrain?

Unique to Scouts Australia, Scouts | Terrain is our custom-built digital platform designed for 21st century Scouting and is more than just a platform to record the achievement of our Scouts. Scouts | Terrain is a platform that will accompany the Scout throughout their journey and challenges Scouts to explore new adventures, to try new things, and to seek new pathways.

The Getting Started in Scouts | Terrain video is designed for youth members and adult Leaders who are just getting started to use the system. Topics covered include:

  • How to login and set up your Scouts | Terrain account
  • Why Scouts | Terrain is important and
  • Why we have Scouts | Terrain

Exploring the Achievement Pathways in Scouts | Terrain video provides a brief overview and takes you through Basecamp and explores the Achievement Pathways. In addition:

  • How Scouts can complete and submit to the Unit Council for Review> their Introduction to Scouting and Introduction to Section
  • Some Special Interest Area Projects as well as their Outdoor Adventure Skills and
  • How Scouts can see their progress in each of the Pathways

As a tool, Scouts | Terrain supports Scouts to experience the Program with focus on the creation and the delivery of our youth program for members, as well as effective reporting to help youth and adult Leaders continue to grow Scouting.

Technology and devices are a part of our world. They are a part of Scouting. They allow us to communicate, navigate, find information, learn and so much more. All of our youth members are digital natives. We need to harness technology and use it in the right ways to support, grow and improve Scouting.

Scout Event serves as an additional resource for discovering Scout activities beyond the regular Group events. You're encouraged to nominate yourself to attend any of these events. Certain occasions will see the group participating collectively, while for others, you're welcome to seek guidance from the group leaders to determine if a particular listed event aligns with your preferences.

Scout uniform Badge placement

Uniform Layout

The uniform badge placement is separated into three themed panels, each providing a different insight into the personal progression of a youth member:

  • My Identity (right sleeve) - recognises where you are currently undertaking your Scouting journey and reflects which sections you have engaged with along the way. There is also space to recognise any additional awards you have earned, including WOSM's Better World Framework awards.
  • My Journey (left sleeve) - celebrates and recognises your growth across the Achievement Pathways. Here we will see the Special Interest Area projects you have completed in your current section, as well as your journey to progress through the Outdoor Adventure Skills and complete peak awards across your time in Scouting.
  • My Involvement (chest and scarf) - recognises your active involvement in the Youth Program, including your Milestones from the Program Essentials, major events, Patrol identification and your formal leadership roles. Finally, we still represent your involvement in this global movement with the World Scout Badge and the Australian Flag Badge placed proudly over your heart.
Australian Scout Promise

All Scouts in Australia commit to a code of living as expressed in the Promise and Law.

The Scouting program is designed to help members to learn how to keep their Promise. One of the most important aspects of the Scout Law is that members voluntarily undertake to live by it. In the younger age sections the law is simplified commensurate with the age of the young people.

Australian Scout Law

Be Respectful

Be friendly and considerate.Care for others and the environment.

Do What is Right

Be trustworthy, honest and fair. Use resources wisely.

Believe in Myself

Learn from my experiences. Face challenges with courage.

Grafton Scarf

Why do Scouts Wear Neckerchiefs?

The origin of the scout uniform can be linked to the South African Constabulary (peacekeeping group) Baden-Powell commanded while overseas. According to Scouting for Boys, the uniforms they wore were "comfortable, serviceable, and [offered] good protection against the weather." And they wore neckerchiefs! As such, he thought scouts should have a similar uniform.

The neckerchief was also commonly used to protect scouts' necks from sunburns, as well as used as an emergency rope in some cases. However, the neckerchief wasn't just a practical first-aid tool, it was also used symbolically in several ways! Lord Baden Powell once stated:

"Every Troop has its own scarf colour, and since the honour of your Troop is bound up in the scarf, you must be careful to keep it clean and tidy."

As you can see, your troop's honor was "bounded" by your scarf, meaning it was very, very, very important that you kept your neckerchief clean. Neckerchiefs are a representation of your troop's honor and, by extension, your own honor. Letting your neckerchief be dirty would mean you're dishonoring your troop (unless it were being used in an emergency first aid situation).

World Scouts Badge

Scouts Australia

North Coast Region