Grafton Scout Group

Volunteer Leaders Needed (Male and/or female) and Parent Support Group Committee
1 x Cub Leader(Male or Female)
1 x Scout Leader (Male or Female)
2 X Joey Leaders (to open section) (Male or Female)
2 x Venturer Leaders (to open section) (Male or Female)

Can you help us please
Scouting is dynamic and Fun. As a Leader, you will help to provide self development to young people through challenging, adventurous, achievement-oriented teamwork and leadership based experiences.

Scouting provides adults with an opportunity to lead and gain satisfaction working with young people and other adults; to make a direct positive impact on your local community and the lives of young people.

Benefits of being a Leader
The benefits of becoming a volunteer Leader are limitless. They Include:
Make – New Friends
Stay – Fit and healthy
Gain – Self Confidence
Travel – Nationally and/or Internationally
Learn – New skills such as Abseiling, canoeing, kayaking, Mountain bike riding, Flying Fox control, High ropes etc even flying and gliding.
Earn – proficiency Badges (yep we can earn them too)
Undertake – Leadership and Development (Nationally Recognised training)
Attend – State-wide training workshops such as Scout Fellowship, special needs etc.

Options for being a Leader
Become a leader of Joeys, Cubs, Scouts or Venturers. One night a week for group meetings during school term.
Group activities such as Camping, Hiking on a few weekends a year. Monthly meetings of leaders.

Become an Activity Leader if you have a special interest in Adventurous Activities such as Abseiling or Water activities. Later you could even become involved in training and leader adults.

What training can I Do?
Leaders undertake Basic and Advanced Training in working with young people, learning the basics of Scouting, Leadership, Safety and Program Planning. Training usually takes place during weekends (though there is also some online learning to do as well.).
Leaders who undertake training to complete Advanced Training in Three years. Depending on what training leaders do, they could be awarded a nationally recognised Certificate III, IV or Diploma. This can give Leaders some advance standing in certain further education courses and employment opportunities Australia Wide.

It is Free if you meet your weekly Scouting commitment.
Training is Free (your group will pay for you).
For Major events such as Cuborees and/or Jamborees you may be asked to contribute costs. For some activities you may want to purchase (or Borrow) Equipment.

Volunteer adult forms to start with you can access via the NSW scouts Website on the following link

You will also need a current Working With Children’s Check (WWCC) which is free for volunteers.

You will also need a National Police Check.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact Reece Luxton on the following email

from the Leaders of Grafton Scout Group we would love to hear from you.