Grafton Scout Group

The group has been really busy so far this term, Scouts have had a Camp at Casino where they earnt their flying badge well done, Cubs have been busy with Scouts in Action Month – Be Creative….. can’t wait to see what they make next week.
On Friday we all attended the Vietnam Veterans day March in town. well done to those who all attended.
Joeys have been going really well….. so far they have learnt to tie their Reef knots and tie a donuts to it and then try to eat it (the donuts) from their hanging piece of rope with their hands behind their backs…
Members of the Group are also in the process of getting organised to go to Mt Keira Scout Camp (near Wollongong) to attend the Agoonoree camp down there at the end of term…… thank heavens for the xpt train……. (we can sleep on our way down – and back). Can’t wait sure do have heaps of fun on that camp… even getting to go visiting the Panaterium and some steam trains even this year.