Grafton Scout Group

Christmas celebrations and Raffle draw

Christmas parties are alway for fun. No more that the dinner party thrown around this year multi draw scout raffle.Leaders and the committee gathered last night to celebrate the years efforts. A great night was had by all those who attended.


raffle drawAs part of the night we draw our Christmas raffle,14 great prizes all drawn on the night. Congratulations to our Xmas Raffle Winners

1. Clinton Luxton
2. R Horstman
3. Walker Sanne
4. Graeme Corrigan
5. Allan-Grafton Mall News
6. Shirley Kelly
7. Allan-Grafton Mall News
8. Mick Brinkworth
9. Paul Grebert
10. Michelle Douglas
11. Ken Roberts
12. V Sooch
13. Frank Jones
14. Donna Edye

winning tickets



Winners will be posted in the Daily Examiner (thanks Sue). Rosemary Brinkworth, Mike Gibson and I will be contacting/delivering prizes to our lucky winners.

Thanks again to all involved especially Rosemary Brinkworth who sourced many prizes and also sold over 100 tickets. Thanks also to Sue and Mike who coordinated the extra books we sold at other events this term.

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