Grafton Scout Group

An invitation to a special night to help formulate the Groups next Strategic group plan.

When: Tuesday night 18 October at 6pm Scout Hall – Light supper supplied

Who should come along: Anyone who wishes to contribute to the direction of Grafton Scout Group for the next three years.

So what is a Strategic Group Plan?  

It is a ‘ROAD MAP’ that assists the Group in organising all of its resources in order to progress from its current state to its desired future state. 

Yeh… so what does that mean – it’s your chance to help shape the future of Grafton Scout Group. Reece Luxton will facilitate our meeting and take the group through a series of steps to bring us through to an outcome which will give us our future direction

Please look over the past plan from our website here



1. Review Current condition

a.   Identifying principle challenges

b.   Reflect on where the group is at

c.   What are key learnings from the past 

2. Set goals

a.   Clear description of the improvement the group wants to make

b.   Must be clearly measureable

3. Identify specific actions

a.   Work out what needs to be done and be specific

b.   Set deadlines

c.   Identify who is responsible

4. Evaluate

a.   end of one year

b.   end of three years

If you are parent of a youth member by now you will have received and email… please use the links at the bottom to help us with catering…..


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