Grafton Scout Group

Another Wolf Cub is about to be let loose on the Clarence Valley. 

Last saturday I had the pleasure of going on the 3rd Grey Wolf Hike from our cub pack, Well done to Adrion. He led 4 cubs, 1 scout, 1 leader and 2 parent helpers around the Minnie Waters coastal walk, sure was fun, we got to see some eggs from a plovers nest, a soaring Sea Eagle (no not the football team), a pod of whales way out in the distance frollicking in the ocean, shame none of our cameras had the range to get photos.

We started from the Minnie waters shop and went along the beach to the stairs that lead to the walk, had to find the trail at times hiding in the bush.But it sure was fun. We all remembered our sunscreen as well which was good as it was a hot day, Adrion made sure that we all stayed hydrated with our water, that we ate at the right times. 

This hike is one of the last things that Adrion had to do on working towards his Grey Wolf Badge which is the highest award in Cub Scouts. I am Really proud of the effort he has put into this and into being a Cub for the last two years, hope he enjoyes his time as and when he links up to the scout section.


Well Done Adrion, 

From Akela and Raksha

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