Grafton Scout Group

Term 3 at cubs…. wow

What a term so far…… Cubs sure have been busy little cub scouts…. so far this term…. they ALL have earnt their

level 1 Scientist Badge. There have also been a few, Level 1 and 2 Literacy, level 2 Information and Technolgy,

collectors badges as well.


They all attended the Region Camp at Glenreagh for CubORama where a lot of fears and challanges were meet

head on and the kids did well with "Doing their Best" as per the Cub Scout Promise, really proud of each and

everyone for doing and attempting things they have never done before….. well done guys and gals… 1 2 3 Wolf.


This weekend they have another camp at the Scout Hall with Nambucca Valley coming along to join in the fun of a

Medieval Theme with a few twists. 


We have had some new ones start this term which has been awesome, also will be ending the Term at Ten Pin

Bowling with a Joey Scout linking up to Cubs… well done….that night is a combined night with all three sections…

wonder who is going to beat who at the scores there.

Until next term 


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