Grafton Scout Group

Next bunning B.B.Q will on 

                      Friday 26 th September 8 am to 4 pm

                      Friday 3rd October  8 am  to 4 pm

                      Friday 24th October 8am to 4 pm

If you are able to help out, please contact Shirley on 0420926898  to put your name on the roster. Please keep in mind

any time you donate goes towards your child’s fundraising account to help pay for Jamboree’s etc.

You could opt to help another family also if you choose. We do use a roster system for BBQ’s though so we

don’t have too many people standing around.

As we all know, we have 3 Scouts and 1 Leader been accepted to go to World Jamboree 2015 in Japan.

The cost for the Scouts is $6750 each and $6150 for the leader. We have hosted a few fundraising events to

date with slow progress but have some fantastic events coming up this month and next.

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