Grafton Scout Group

Things to Do

Scouts are provided with the opportunity for personal growth through challenging, interesting activities that meet their needs. Scouting encourages hobbies, interests and skills and helps to develop leadership and a sense of achievement. Scout Troop and Patrol activities Trained Leaders and Assistants volunteer their time to run Scout Troops.

  • Weekly meetings – plan weekend adventures, work as a team, have a say in decision making, become a Patrol Leader or Assistant Patrol Leader and help plan the Scout Program.
  • Training Scheme Activities – Scouts are exposed to a huge range of activities based on adventure and personal interests, such as abseiling, caving, watching the sun rise, hiking, photography, orienteering, performance arts, operating amateur radio, bush survival skills, tying and using knots, learn about water safety, camping and cooking.
  • Jamborette – an overnight camp where Scouts from around the Region can meet.
  • State Rally – run each year in August to provide the opportunity for Scouts all over NSW to attend as a Patrol, hiking between four main activity centres around Cataract Scout Park.
  • Jamboree – held every three years, this 10 day camp is the ultimate Scout adventure where thousands of Scouts from around Australia and overseas meet for outdoor activities, challenges and entertainment.
  • Leadership course – a two-day course designed to provide suitable leadership skills for Scouts, based on understanding the Patrol System and the Scout Award Scheme, leadership, problem solving and task management, citizenship, and planning/programming.
  • Family adventures – the whole family is encouraged to get involved with Scout activities like canoeing, bike riding and camps.

Scout Promise

On my honour I promise that I will do my best to do my duty to my God and to (the Queen of) Australia, to help other people, and, to live by the Scout Law.

Scout Law

A Scout is trustworthy A Scout is loyal A Scout is helpful A Scout is friendly A Scout is cheerful A Scout is considerate A Scout is thrifty A Scout is courageous A Scout is respectful A Scout cares for the environment

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