Grafton Scout Group

Things To Do
Joey Scouts do lots of fun stuff – play games, sing songs, make craft from scrap materials, grow plants from seedlings, make friends and go on outings. They learn the Joey Scout Promise, Law and Motto which are a great introduction to the principles of Scouting.

Joey Scout Promise
I promise to do my best, to love my God and be helpful.


Joey Scout Law

A Joey Scout cares. A Joey Scout shares.

The Joey Scout Motto is HOP- Help Other People Mob activities

Trained Leaders and Assistants volunteer their time to run Joey Scout Mobs. Activities include:

  • Weekly meetings – action and quiet activities, including ball and running games, craft sessions and outings.
  • Joey Scout Fun Day – a themed day of fun activities for all the Joey Scout Mobs in your Region
  • Themed sleepovers – An overnight activity at your local Scout Hall
  • Family adventures – the whole family is encouraged to get involved with Joey Scout activities like canoeing, bike riding and family camps.

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